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Guide to Choose Your Go-To Black Tea

Guide to Choose Your Go-To Black Tea

Dec 17, 2021

King Tea & Spice Company

Amongst all the varieties of teas, black tea is the most consumed tea type in the world. Made from Camellia Sinensis, Black tea is a fully oxidized tea. It is quite popular because of its full-bodied intense flavor and texture. Black teas are categorized based on the region and method of production. Black teas are quite versatile. It can be enjoyed hot as well as cold and can be blended with fruits, herbs, spices, alcohol etc.

This blog features some of the most popular kinds of black tea available in Indian markets. Read the blog to know about the notes of different types and select the one that best suits your taste palate.


Assam Black Tea

As the name suggests, it is grown in the Assam region in India. Assam tea has a bold fragrance and a bright color. The first sip might feel rich, a bit bitter and malty but the aftertaste is of a creamy chocolate. Buy it online here.

Darjeeling Black Tea

This type of black tea is grown in Darjeeling, India. Darjeeling tea is categorized based on the harvesting time known as flushes. The four types of flushes are:

  • First Flush (February to May) – First flush Darjeeling’s are known to be pure heaven as it is the freshest and most fragrant. It is mildly oxidized. It appears light-yellow in color and has a fruity & sweet flavor. Buy it online here.
  • Second Flush (May to June) – Second Flush Darjeeling Teas are full bodied and liquor is deeper amber color. It has an intense malty flavor with notes of nuts and almonds. Buy it online here.
  • Monsoon Tea (July to September) – As the name suggests, it is harvested during the monsoon time. On brewing, tea appears light bodied bright gold color. It has distinct notes of honey and apricot.
  • Autumn Tea (October to November) – This type of tea is the last harvest of the year. This tea appears dark amber in color. It tastes less floral and more fruitier like berries and ripe grapes.
Ceylon Tea

Ceylon Tea is also called as Sri Lankan Tea as it originated in the tropical region of Sri Lanka. Like other teas, Ceylon Tea is also made from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Due to the unique environmental conditions of Sri Lanka, this tea has full-bodied citrusy flavor with subtle chocolaty nuances.

Earl Grey Tea

Black tea when blended along with Bergamot Oil, a delightful citrusy flavored tea is made known s Earl Grey. Taste of Earl Grey tea might differ depending on the type of tea and the quality of bergamot oil used. It is orangish in appearance and tastes mildly sweet, with a hint of citrus and full-bodied taste of black tea. Buy it online here.

English Breakfast Tea

Made with Darjeeling Black Tea, English breakfast tea is usually enjoyed along with a heavy English breakfast. It has a rich aroma. English breakfast tea tastes mildly malty and earthy. Buy it online here.

To conclude, there are various types of black teas available. The flavor of every black tea might differ based on the region it is produced. Flavors might also differ depending on the brand that you choose. We bring to you teas from some of the finest tea estates of India. Visit this page to shop our teas online.