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Dec 14, 2021

King Tea & Spice Company

Did you always think of having a pantry full of exotic herbs and spices? If yes, here are a few exotic spices that you must have in your spice rack.


Kerala is not only a land of palm lined beaches and backwaters, but it is also quite popularly known for its exotic spices produce. Yes, you read that right! Kerala is famous for its black pepper, cardamom, clove, nutmeg, star anise, etc.


Grown in the rainforests of Kerala, black pepper is amongst the most exotic produce of this land. Black pepper is widely known as the “King of spices”. It is a very versatile spice because of its hot flavor and aromatic fragrance. It can be used in salads, appetizers, main course, curries, desserts, bakery items, etc. And not just in food, black pepper is also used in healing therapy, candles and more. Click here to buy it online.

Health benefits of Black Pepper:

  • Helps aid digestion and constipation problems,
  • Helps increase good cholesterol,
  • Helps in weight loss,
  • Prevents wrinkle formations, etc.

Another very versatile spice from the tropics of Kerala are Cloves. These are flower buds of the clove tree. Cloves can be found in both - whole and ground forms and can be used to make any cuisine or recipe like hot beverages, cakes, rice recipes, curries, etc. Cloves are rich in anti-oxidants and are also a rich source of magnesium, fiber, and minerals. Click here to buy it online.

Health benefits of Clove:

  • May help improve liver health,
  • Promotes digestion,
  • Helps improve bone strength,
  • Helps improve immunity, etc.

Grown in the Alleppey, Kerala, Green Cardamom or popularly known as Choti Elaichi is widely been used in Indian as well as international desserts. It is also a very versatile spice as it can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. Green cardamom has a very sweet aroma and taste that enhances the taste of food or beverage. Kerala cardamoms are one of the best qualities. Click here to buy online.

Health Benefits of Green Cardamom:

  • Helps lower blood pressure,
  • Helps treat ulcers,
  • Helps with ingestion problems,
  • Prevents cavities, etc.

From the mighty ghats of Kerala, Black cardamom is also known as the “queen of spices”. The aromatic spice is widely used in Indian dishes. As compared to green cardamom, black cardamoms have a powerful taste and a strong fragrance. Not just in food, black cardamom is also used in aroma therapy, hair care, skin care, etc. Click here to buy it online.

Health benefits of Black Cardamom:

  • Helps in treating oral health issues like bleeding gums, mouth odor, cavities,
  • Helps boost immunity,
  • Helps treat asthama,
  • Helps treat bad cough, etc.


Cinnamon was the first spice that was being traded in the ancient times. There are more than 200 varieties of cinnamons available in the world. Taste and Aroma vary depending on the region it is produced.


Cassia Cinnamon, also known as Chinese Cassia or Chinese Cinnamon is grown in the lands of Vietnam, China, Malaysia, etc. It is a dried aromatic bark which can be used to make beverages, savory and sweet dishes. It is used since the 2700 B.C. The buds are also used as a spice, especially in India, and were once used by the ancient Romans. Cassia Cinnamon is known to have a very strong flavor as compared to other cinnamon varieties.

Health benefits of Cassia Cinnamon:

  • Helps in aiding diabetes,
  • Helps improve muscle strength,
  • Prevents nausea, etc.

True cinnamon, also known as Ceylon Cinnamon is one of the expensive, highly demanded and rare cinnamon variety. It is widely produced in Sri Lanka. It contains more than 60 medicinal components. It has been noted as the most beneficial spices in the Spices family. Apart from food, it is also used in perfumes, therapy oils, skin care, etc. It has a delicate and sweet taste.

Health Benefits of True Cinnamon:

  • Lowers risk of cancer & diabetes,
  • Helps improve gastric conditions,
  • Helps improve good cholesterol
  • Helps in aiding digestion problems, etc.

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