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Tea Gift Sets & Tea Gift Boxes for Every Occasion

Give a gift that is both practical and beautiful with loose leaf tea in a stylish box. The elegant packaging makes it the perfect present for any occasion, from birthdays and weddings to anniversaries, Diwali, and Christmas. Our Loose leaf teas and tea bags are sold in boxes of four and six. 

While you may not have thought about giving loose leaf tea as a gift before now, you may want to consider doing so in the future!

A tea gift set is a great option for parents, employees and friends in all occasions. Offering splendid packages of marvellous tea wrapped in an interesting package are something that is an amazing idea! Each unique tea gift box, tea gift set or tea gift basket makes a wonderful gift and can even be used as family gifts that will go on forever.


Our Carnival Tea Gift Box is a very classy charcoal black colored box with a luxurious feel. It includes a mural by the famed Diego Rivera, housing four tea tins from our collection of premium Darjeeling and Assam teas. The flavours in this exqusite tea gift box are Morrocan Mint Tea, Assam CTC Chai, Second Flush Summer Tea & Exotic Autumn Tea. A perfect gift for any occasion!


Our Melange Tea Gift Box contains a palate stimulating melange of 30 tea bags that are made of 100% cotton, in five different flavours ( Organic Green Tea / Chamomile Tea / Lemon & Ginger Green Tea / Earl Grey Tea / Breakfast Splendour Tea ). This is a very plush charcoal black coloured box lined with golden borders and carrying details about the five different teas in four different languages. Gift it to your loved ones any time of the year!