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I desisted drinking tea my entire childhood, and it was only when I started college that I began my delightful journey of discovering the myriad moods of this noble beverage.

Scouting Delhi for select places that offered the classic pairing of premium tea and great ambience became a passion. I came to believe that every cup of tea can be a memorable experience.

But here came the challenging twist that made me deep dive into the world of distinctive teas - as a personal preference, I never ever liked the typical traditional practice of preparing tea with milk and sugar, generally followed in India. Thus, over the next few decades, continued my hunt for venues offering varied teas in my preferred avatar – where I could savour its actual flavour, aroma and hue sans the ubiquitous milk and sugar.

My quest for tasting teas from different places in Delhi soon became global when I started my export business after completing my education. No matter how short the trip, for work or leisure, throughout my travels, I always took out time to taste and explore the teas and the tea culture of the various places I visited. Over time, tea transformed me from just an enthusiast to a curator.

It’s my opinion that to truly relish tea, it cannot be had in a hurried manner, just for the sake of consuming it. For me, tea is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated as in a tea ceremony, revitalising us in every soothing sip with its natural goodness. It is now my endeavour, though KTS, to share these finest teas with you and make every cup of tea a perfect, therapeutic experience for you!

The second factor that served as a catalyst in my path to KTS can be attributed to my middle school history text books! It was my awe and fascination for the famed ancient silk route, running across countries and used by traders dealing in silk, rugs, tea and spices since times immemorial. An attraction that was limited to collecting silk carpets and kilims and remained buried within me for many years, finally came out and led me to start a new venture, my own company “King Tea & Spice Company” ( KTS ), bringing to you the very best of teas and spices!