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Years ago, a habit took the form of a passion and later transformed into a vision!

Ruminating through the history textbooks, a young boy got mesmerized by the Silk Route and weaved stories of heritage days when sophisticated trade routes developed and tea & spices were some of the most important commodities that was traded across regions. Revered as a tradition for socializing, celebration, and experiences, the young boy carried these fragments along while growing up!

Little did he know, these memories would later encourage him to savor the finest teas across the country during his escapades and further help him embark on the journey to bring the global flavors home!

Driven by this unmatched admiration and appreciation of tea, Sunny Sant formed ‘King Tea & Spice Company’ ( KTS ) to share this love with the world. Rooted in the idea of reigniting the experience of a great-tasting brew, King Tea & Spice Company values the same legacy and regality that hails from the rich past. Keeping purity and quality as the yardsticks, the aim is to make your everyday tea-drinking experience the one that matches the nobility!

Meticulously hand-picked and ethically sourced from the sprawling tea estates of Darjeeling and Assam, King Tea & Spice Company brings the finest blends right to your doorstep! Harvested with care and crafted with devotion at each step, we bring small batches of blends and single-estate loose teas. All of which commences as a single leaf that is picked from tea gardens undergoes rigorous and robust tasting before it makes its way to your cuppa. By upholding the highest quality standards and transparency, we pride ourselves on being a socially responsible tea brand.

Having a range of palate-pleasing flavors, we have got something to enhance your joy during a high-tea, or while you are having your morning cuppa. Alongside rare and exotic variants in the loose leaf teas, we have the choicest assortment of single estate teas & blends that are noticeably richer, purer, and better! Sustainably packed in hand-rolled cotton tea bags, each of our unique flavors is infused with the bountiful richness and fragrance that can make your everyday tea-drinking experience rather decadent.

To add a burst of flavours to your everyday life, we have also got a range of exquisite collections of six whole spices that are sourced directly from various parts of the world. With a variety that is bound to revive your palate, we have green cardamom, black cardamom, cloves, black pepper directly from Kerala, true cinnamon from Sri Lanka, and cassia cinnamon from Vietnam. Brimming with health benefits to boost your immunity and improve your well-being, our spices collection is bound to become a favourite in your household. Withholding the same quality, transparency, and flavour, we are paving a way to make all your meals more tastier!

So come and delve deeper into the mesmerizing world of King Tea & Spice Company where we are the purveyors, the brewers, and the producers of tea & spices that can truly enrich you!



why us

Holding the hands of nobility and quality, we are the keepers of the historian taste. By bringing the medley of the same taste from days bygone, we have a captivating range of teas and spices that is bound to stir memories.

As our values are rooted so deeply in our venture, we aim to only bring the best for you. Be it the quality or the taste, you can be rest assured that these are far beyond than the run-of-the-mill alternatives.

Passionate about our craft and proud of our innovation, we have the perfect match of the classic taste and the modern techniques. But above all this, something that makes us truly unique is our attention to your needs as we are truly committed to improvise your experience every now and then!

By holding sustainability, quality, and purity in high esteem, we are proud of our ethically produced range that touches lives and brings changes. Additionally, our whole process from production to packaging aims to eliminate any additional burden on this Mother Earth to make this experience beneficial for all involved.

Being the storyteller of our well-preserved past and a foresighted brand catering to myriad palates, we marvel at what we bring for you so that you equally enjoy it alone, or with your loved ones.