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What is Tea?

The cured leaves and buds of a plant called Camellia Sinensis are commonly known as tea. Native to mainland South & South East Asia, the tea plant is now cultivated across the world in both tropical and sub-tropical regions. This evergreen shrub from camellia family is usually trimmed to between three and four feet, to facilitate gathering.

Which are the different varieties of Tea?

There are eight main varieties of Tea: White Tea, Yellow Tea, Green Tea, Blue Tea, Black Tea, Matured (Pu-erh) Tea, Tea Flowers & Red Tea.

How are these teas produced?

Our teas are produced locally at the source in the regions of Darjeeling and Assam. We work with a team of regional tea pickers and brewers who help us to bring the best for you.

Does your tea contain caffeine?

Most of the teas contain a little amount of caffeine, but some do not contain caffeine. For those which do not contain caffeine, we put a little note on the back of packs, near the ingredients list.

How do I store these tea bags?

Our teas should be stored away from light, moisture, and strongly flavored or fragranced foods. It is best advisable to not keep them stored for a very long time as tea doesn't go bad per se, but it will lose flavor over time. Once the teas have been opened it is best to consume them within a few months.

What kind of packaging does your tea come in?

We use 100% plastic free packaging where possible. Our teas are individually packed in cotton fabric to ensure it remains fresh and fragrant for long. Our loose leaf teas are sealed in a foil packaging and then packed in a tea tin..

How do I maintain the freshness of the tea?

As soon as you receive your products please transfer them to an airtight container and keep them cool and out of direct sunlight. Additionally, do ensure that you don't mix them with other items such as coffee, or different variants as it will effect the flavor and fragrance.

How do I brew the perfect cup of tea?

For best results, we recommend using filtered water and following the steeping guide on the side of the tea package. The great thing about our tea is that you can make it however you want! You can use different amounts of tea and vary the water temperature to see what you like best!

Can these teas help with my medical problems?

We recommend a consultation with the doctor for any medical related issues. We don't provide any recommendations on how these teas can help with any of the medical problems.

Are your tea ingredients safe for pregnant or lactating women?

Natural and organic, our range of teas are ideal and suitable for pregnant or lactating women. However, if you have any medical history, or particular allergy then it is advisable to try these teas after medical guidance.


What length of time do these spices remain fresh?

Our spices remain fresh for approximately for two years if stored properly. Our spices have the expiry date mentioned on the back of the packing so you must make sure to use the spices before that time for added freshness and fragrance.

How do you store the spices?

You should keep the spices always in a proper place. They must be stored in an area that is out of direct sunlight, away from any type of moisture and, preferably, in a dark area, such as a pantry or away from any cooking surfaces.

Does it help to keep your spices in a refrigerator?

A refrigerator contains a slight humid environment which could alter the flavor of the spices so we don't recommend this storage method. However, as long as dried spices are stored in an air tight container, we do recommend to preserve them.

Do your spices contain allergens?

Our spices are free from any sort of allergen ingredients but if you have any allergy previously then it should be noted that any such allergens are highlighted in bold in the ingredients list for each product. We follow strict anti-cross contamination procedures so quality and taste is at par to your expectations.

Do your spices have medicinal properties?

Spices are said to aid in serving for medicinal properties but by no means our spices can replicate or serve in resolving any health issues. However they do contain a lot of medicinal benefits.

Can these spices be used for any other purpose except cooking?

Well, our spices are versatile so they can be used for DIY or traditional home remedies for skin, haircare, or body. While it is upon your discretion to use these spices in any way, we can promise that these spices can be used in numerous ways.

Are your spices good for children?

Our spices are made of quality ingredients and can be consumed by children under the guidance of an adult. They are free from toxics, adulteration, and chemical coloring which makes them ideal to be consumed by all members of the family.