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  • 1.1 As a part of our return policy, for all the consumable products, like teas and spices, bought through our website, cannot be returned once they are opened or the sealing stickers are torn and removed. This includes obsolete, or soiled items too. Also, note that no returns are actioned for products purchased with any sale, discount, or offers.
  • 1.2 Provided the products delivered to you have not been opened and have not been used in whole or in part, you may elect to return them to us within 2 days period commencing on the day following the day on which you received delivery. Additionally, it's the responsibility of the customer to bear the costs of returning the products to us and for ensuring they are correctly packed, dispatched and delivered.
  • 1.3 The product that has been purchased from King Tea & Spice Company should be returned in fair and full volume without any wear, tear, or damage to the product. Any returns that are used, damaged, or soiled will not be accepted and may be returned to the customer, at the customer’s expense (this may include shipping costs and additional duties and taxes). Please note that King Tea & Spice Company holds the full right to reject or refuse to take collection of any returns and refunds in cases where it doesn't acknowledge our company policies.
  • 1.4 To be entitled to a replacement or refund from King Tea & Spice Company, we follow a certain procedure to check the items once it reaches us and any action is taken only after due diligence for any items which are deemed defective within 30 days after receipt of the order. Where the obligations set out for product delivery have been fully complied with and met, we will refund you the price you paid for the products excluding the delivery costs strictly by bank transfer. For this, we may ask you to share details such as :-

    1)Bank account number
    2) Bank name
    3) Bank branch’s address
    4) Bank account holder’s name
    5) IFSC code
    6) Order Id
    7) Product name against which refund has to be initiated
  • 1.5 We don't process refunds via Paytm, Google Pay, PayPal, Cash, Cheque, DD, WhatsApp or any third party payment methods. Failure to provide relevant details may hinder the process of refunds and will not be actioned until the conditions are met.
  • 1.6 For orders shipped, King Tea & Spice Company will refund the only original purchase price (excluding GST and shipping charges) of the item.
  • 1.7 King Tea & Spice Company reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. It is as per your discretion to read and understand all our terms clearly before placing the order as they can't be challenged or changed in any case should you not agree to any provisions.
  • 1.8 If you decide you want to change your mind and return any of the items in accordance with our conditions above, then please contact our Customer Care team by using the Contact Us form for further advice or drop us an email on Please note that you need to mention your reason for return and allow us 48 hours to reply to you. Our Customer Care team will advise you of the next step, which may include the need to return the product to us, or, to facilitate a collection by us.
  • 1.9 At all times, all our returns policy will be in accordance with your statutory rights and the Consumer Protection Act 2019. Expect for the events as explicitly stated in this policy, you will not be entitled to any refund.
  • 1.10 Please note that all our returns will be only processed via our returns address:
    Noida-201303, U.P

Failure or delay in delivery of any product to King Tea & Spice Company within the stipulated timeline to the above mentioned address may delay or cancel the refund process.